Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get Out Your Kleenex...

Cuz this one is a real tear-jerker...
Please help me welcome fellow author and super-talented novelist, Elaine Cantrell to Tattered Pages, with a post on one of her latest releases, A New Dream. I'd go on and on here, but I just read this post, and quite frankly, she says it waaaaay better than I do. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Elaine. A New Dream sounds brilliant. Oh, and as a transplanted Wisconsinite, I have to add:  Go PACKERS! :-)

Have you ever had a big dream?  Did your dream come true?  Matt McCallum, the hero in my novel A New Dream, had a big dream.  He wanted to play for the NFL, and guess what?  His dream came true.  He had everything he’d ever wanted.  A dream career, plenty of money, the adoration of thousands of people, and he was engaged to Stacey Thomas, one of the hottest women anywhere.  And he lost it all one bright summer evening.  What happened to Matt?  Let’s listen to the interview that aired on Saturday to find out.

Henry: Good evening.  Welcome to Saturday Night Roundup where you’ll be the first to know what’s worth knowing in the sports world.  My name is Henry Ross, and this is my co-host Chris Alexander.  Chris, we have a sad story to report tonight.
Chris: We sure do, Henry, and I can’t think of anything I’ve hated more to announce.
Henry: Before we get to our feature story, I’d like to replay an interview we did just a few weeks ago with Matt McCallum, a kicker for the Green Bay Packers. 
They turn in their chairs and watch the interview on a monitor behind them.
Henry: Welcome to Saturday Night Roundup.  Chris, who’s our guest for this evening’s interview?
Chris: Henry, we got lucky.  Matt McCallum is in the studio to do an interview for us.
They stand up and shake hands as Matt enters the set.
Henry: Matt thanks for taking time to talk to us.  Did you always dream of playing pro-football?
Matt: Yeah, I did.  From the time I was a kid, all I thought about was football.
Chris: In other interviews you’ve commented on how much your father supported you.
Matt:  He did.  Dad saw every football game I ever played.
Chris: Did you pick the Packers, or did they pick you?
Matt: They picked me.  I was their first round draft pick, and I’m sure glad of it.  Coach McCarthy is great to play for.
Henry: Do you ever take off that Super Bowl ring?  If any sports fan in the country doesn’t know, Matt kicked the winning field goal in the Super Bowl to win the game for the Packers.
Matt: (grins)  No, I haven’t taken it off yet. 
Chris: (points to a picture on a monitor) This picture was taken as the team left the field after their Super Bowl victory.  That’s a mighty pretty girl you’re hugging.
Matt: (laughs)  Yeah, that’s Stacey.  We got engaged a few weeks ago.
Henry:  Congratulations.  She’s a beautiful woman. 
Matt: Thank you.
The monitor goes blank and both Henry and Chris shake their heads.
Henry: Football fans, last night Matt and his fiancée were in a car crash.  Stacey is fine, but Matt was hurt pretty bad.  His right leg was amputated right above his knee according to coach Mike McCarthy.  In a statement released this morning, McCarthy said, “We’re going to miss Matt.  He was a great athlete with a wonderful future in front of him.  Along with the team, I wish him the best.”
Chris: I’m sure Matt would appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.  Cards can be sent to the Packers who’ll forward them to Matt. 
A New Dream is available for at Astrea Press  or at Amazon
A New Dream is now on the publisher’s best seller list!
Thank you so much, Elaine for being with us today at Tattered Pages! I have no doubt that A New Dream will remain on the publisher's best seller list for months to come.


Diana Layne said...

Intriguing premise, Elaine,good luck! I would suggest adding a link or two to buy the book at the end of the post (if possible) although I did look it up on Amazon. I'm not sure if you know it but the description under the print version doesn't match the book. It talks about Cupid and Venus.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Lovely post, Elaine. All my son thought about was wrestling. He played football and ran cross country to keep in shape for wrestling. He earned a wrestling scholarship to the college he wanted and in his sophomore year suffered a neck injury, requiring two surgeries. When the doctor told him he could never wrestle again. Mike collapsed and, in some ways, shut down. "Mom, I don't know what to do without wrestlin. This is who I am, what I've been since elementary school. Who am I without the sport?" Flash forward 16 years--Mike is his son's football and wrestling coach. He's teaching other young kids to love the sport and they, in turn, love him. So you've taken a very real premise and developed it. How does an athlete go on to create a new identity without the sport?

AJ Nuest said...

Hey Diana! Thanks for stopping by this morning. The links are there, they are just embedded into the words "Astrea Press" and "Amazon" -- just click on either of those and you go right to the buy pages. But you're right. I did check the Amazon description under the print version and it's not correct. Elaine, you may want to send them a little note.

AJ Nuest said...

Oh Vonnie! You're killing me with that story! What a great testament to your son. Good for him that he discovered a way to pass his love of wrestling on to other children. He deserves a great big pat on the back -- not to mention several hugs. Thanks for stopping by!

Calisa Rhose said...

What a wonderful real life situation to run with, Elaine. I'm happy to meet you. Thank you, AJ, for introducing us to this author! I would love to add this book to my trb tower. I agree about Vonnie's son. What a great way to turn his love into more!

Sarah Grimm said...

Love the premise of this book, Elaine! Sounds like an awesome read!

Lynn Chantale said...

Hi Elaine. Your book sounds like I'm going to need a tissue or two before I get to the end. Definitely going on my TBR list.

*waves* Hi AJ

Mary Ricksen said...

Great blog. I wish you the best of luck with sales Elaine. I love a story that touches my heart.
AJ :0)

LaVerne Clark said...

Oh - another book I'm going to HAVE to get. Thanks for the introduction to your story Elaine. I can't wait to find out how Matt gets on adjusting to his new life with all the difficulties and emotions an amputation would entail.

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Another for the TBR list. Real life premise involving football with a twist...what could be better?

Liz Flaherty said...

This sounds terrific.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, and thanks for telling me about the Amazon problem. I'll have that checked into at once. Thanks so much for letting me come today.