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Scorcher Blog Tour - Week Five!


Greetings romance lovers, and welcome to Week Five of our Scorcher Blog Tour. We’ve had outstanding posts the last four weeks, and in a quandary to meet the high standards set in place by my fellow tour mates, I struggled a bit over which topic would keep the tour rolling at a heady pace. And then it hit me. Of course...
What could be better to inspire the muse? In my opinion, not much. So, I set out in research mode (it was grueling, but SOMEONE had to do it), happily scanning the internet for half-naked men, when I stumbled upon a startling revelation. Turns out, most of the Man Candy I found wasn’t really all that interesting to me…or inspiring. And it took me a while to figure out why. Don’t get me wrong – I admire a ribbed set of abs and thick, corded arms as much as the next girl (and many of those pictures are forthwith contained in this traveling post), but I hit two snags while deciding which pictures to choose.
Snag #1 – most of the men I found looked less than half my age. Sad, but true. Not that I consider myself “old” by any means, but some of these guys looked fresh out of high school. Much to my chagrin, I’ve recently come to the distressing conclusion I am NOT a cougar. And believe me, I tried. I mean, I really, really tried. *insert muffled sob*
Snag #2 – of the photos I found, most the men looked so serious I couldn’t get past the constipation on their faces. No doubt they were gorgeous, but I like a guy who smiles – and looks good doing it. He has to use his whole face, show me those pearly whites and preferably sport a few crinkles around his eyes. Ahem…
So, during this and the next five posts, you will see several men I found, a little about them and why they top my list for Man Candy inspiration. Will all of them meet “romance novel” critieria? You be the judge.
Without further ado…I give you…The Wizard of Oz
JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHA! Had ya going there for a minute, didn’t I?
Okay, start over…without further ado, I give you…
Bradley Cooper

Best known for his roles in The A-Team, The Hangover and most recently Limitless, Bradley heads up my Man Candy list for his amazing smile and sparkling blue eyes (and let’s face it, that devilish five o’clock shadow doesn’t hurt either). In fact, when I Googled Bradley Cooper on the internet, in nearly every single photo I found he was smiling. He’s my grin-winner, and I’m sorry, but he’s just too damn cute. Have a slice of this!

Pa-DOW! Bradley looks like he’d be a blast to hang out with, doesn’t he? And if a guy’s got the goods but is nothing but a big grouch, what’s the point?

Dark haired or blond-tipped, he’s dreamy, and looks ready to cuddle. And the pièce de résistance…brace yourself…

Ohhh yeah! Bradley can laugh all he wants. Bring it! LOVE HIM!
So, you feeling warmed up? For more Man Candy, head on over to Darlene Fredette’s Blog, where the show continues…  But be sure to leave me a comment before you go. You will be entered into the drawing to win a free e-book of Jezebel’s Wish!
Legally, I gotta do this: Many thanks to, and for letting me borrow their yummy photos of Bradley.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week I have the talented Lisa Sanchez at Tattered Pages, sharing excerpts from her latest release OBSESSED! Thanks for being here Lisa!

First of all, I want to thank AJ for having me on her blog today. I’m so excited to be a part of the Scorcher Blog tour, and have had a blast the past few weeks.

Since I lit a flame in my previous post talking about the shmexiness of tattoos, I thought I would tempt you a bit more with a small snippet from Obsessed. This teaser showcases the tension between Nick and Halley when she first lays eyes on his tattoo in all its yummy glory. Enjoy!

Breathless and barely able to speak, she trailed her hands up onto his shoulders and then down the front of his tight-fitting black T-shirt. Her fingers danced across the edge of the cotton, and she could have sworn she felt him tremble when a finger accidentally made contact with the hard, sinewy muscle beneath. “Your tattoo. It’s so beautiful. Can I… Can I see the rest of it?”
She tore her gaze from his large, impressive frame and looked up.
Nick stared down at her with dark, hunger-filled eyes, and gave a single nod.
He lifted his hands over his head as Halley latched on to the thin cotton, pulling it up and over the wide expanse of his chest.
There were no words. It was rude, and she knew it, but Halley couldn’t help but stare at the magnificent creature before her. Every last inch of him was covered in raw, well-defined muscle. He wasn’t bodybuilder huge but had the build of someone who worked hard and worked out even harder. Smooth skin covered a broad chest and—oh yeah, baby—a set of washboard abs.
The tribal markings covering his right arm traveled up over his shoulder and down the entire right side of his torso, and—holy Lord—his nipples were pierced.
Her skin blazed, and she reached forward with a shaky hand, certain the only way to gain relief from the erotic pull he had on her was to give in to the call of his body to hers. The sense of safety and comfort she felt whenever she was around him roared right along with her desire for him, and she knew somehow, deep in her gut, this man was essential for her survival.

What about you? Do you find tattoos sexy? If not, what’s the first thing you notice when you meet a hot new guy? What draws you in?

Leave a comment on this blog, as well as the other five blogs on the Scorcher Tour to be entered to win a free PDF copy of my erotic suspense, Obsessed. The winner’s name will then be forwarded into a final drawing at the end of the tour for a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate.

The victim of both a brutal attempted rape and now a serial stalking, Halley Davis is broken, and desperate to glue the shattered pieces of her life back together. Tormented by a psychopath and battling a heavy dose of anxiety, sex and dating are the last things on Halley’s anxiety-ridden mind. That is, until she meets the man who rescued her from the hands of a would-be rapist. With a body made for sin, a wicked, sexy tattoo and an aura that screams “badass,” her rescuer not only calms the storm of terror raging inside her mind, he ignites a passion within her she’s never known before.

Tired of using meaningless sex to drown out the horrors of his past, Nick Ackart has sworn off women. In fact, if women were classified as meat, his ass is Vegan. Despite his determination to remain unattached, Nick is unable to stay away from the emerald-eyed beauty he rescued from a sadistic pervert. Immersed in a tangled web of sexual desire and deep emotion he was certain was long dead, he vows to protect Halley from the monster hounding her, even though he stands to lose his heart in the process.

To continue to the 3rd stop, click the link to be taken to Darlene Fredette’s blog: 

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It's my extreme pleasure to welcome Amie Louellen to Tattered Pages for our continuing Scorcher Blog Tour...
Intimacy and Other Things, Part III
Once again, if you are just now joining, you gotta go back for Part I
And if you missed Part II
And don’t forget to leave a comment!
Now, where were we…?
For most couples, these 12 steps take time. Our heroine may see the hero, but he doesn’t notice her for months.  Or maybe he doesn’t *let* her know that he noticed her until months later. They talk, go on dates, watch movies, eat dinner. That sort of thing.
But not Brodie and Savanna. Nope. They end up married, jumping from step 1—seeing each other—to step 12—consummation—in a matter of hours.
Shouldn’t be a problem, they went through all 12 steps at some point or another in the night. But the problems come with trust.  They don’t even know the other’s name!
Here’s a little excerpt for example—
His head was pounding, pounding, pounding.  If he never had another drink, it would be too soon.  Which was probably the most beneficial side-effect of a hangover.  Not that he drank often, just an occasional beer on the infrequent night out with the boys.  But he really needed to steer clear of the tequila if he was going to pick up blond-haired she-cats.  Hell, he couldn’t even remember her name.  She may have purred last night, but in the light of day she was all hiss and claws.
Names are easy enough to exchange. But trust is another issue entirely. But you’ll have to continue on to find out why…
Amie Louellen is the author of Brodie's Bride

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I'm lovin that Sarah Grimm is with us at Tattered Pages
with her steamin hot excerpt from After Midnight!
Take it away, Sarah!!

Welcome to Part 4 of Sarah Grimm’s guest blog on the Summer Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 2.

If this is your first stop, you’ll want to start at Part 1 (Sarah’s blog) and continue to Amie, then Lisa before returning here:

Part 1 – Sarah’s blog:
Part 2 – Amie’s blog:

Let’s see if we learn the answer to our last question by continuing where I left you hanging:

“You think you’re not the type to draw a man’s attention, think again. I can’t stand in the same room as you without wanting to taste you. I can’t taste you without wanting to taste all of you.”

Oh, God. Her knees turned to jelly. A hot, wet pulse came to life between her legs.

“If you can’t see in yourself what it is that I see, feel what you do to me.” Taking hold of her wrist, he placed her hand in the center of his chest.

His heart was racing. She tipped her head back and looked into his eyes. Her bones began to liquefy.

“The way you’re looking at me,” she whispered.

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like I’m important.”

“You are.”

She swallowed hard, wanting to believe him. “Like I’m beautiful.”

His lips brushed across her temple and her eyes drifted shut. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. Then you would know how beautiful you are.”

Her eyes snapped open as he spun her in his arms. His hands settled on her shoulders, drawing her back against his chest. She gasped at their image reflected in the trio of mirrors that hung on her wall. When had this become a seduction?

Whew! I’d forgotten how much I love this scene. :-)


Leave a comment on this blog AND the other five blogs on the scorcher Tour to be entered into the drawing this week. One lucky winner will receive a PDF copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT and be forwarded into the final drawing at the end of the tour for a $30 gift certificate.

To continue to Part 5 (and continue with the excerpt) – Visit Darlene Fredette’s Blog

Can music heal a fractured soul?

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