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Who Is Your Plus One?

I'm super excited to have the lovely Teresa Morgan here today with her hot-off-the-press, brand-spanking new release PLUS ONE IS A LUCKY NUMBER!

Teresa agreed to take a break from her busy promotion schedule and allow me the courtesy of an interview, and I'm gonna start things off by asking how her writing career began.
My love for writing began in 2006 when I discovered fan fiction. From there I made a couple of writing friends who encouraged me to post my stories on to the internet, and became invaluable beta readers/critique partners. They were tough too, but they definitely helped me improve my skills. In 2009, wanting to find a job I could work from home, I decided I wanted to write professionally, hoping I could make enough to work around the kids and give up the dull part-time day jobs – eventually (as I still can’t give them up yet.) I joined the Writers Bureau to do their Comprehensive Writing Course (which I haven’t finished but have learnt a lot from) and joined the RNA New Writers’ Scheme in 2012 (after attending the conference in 2011). I’ve just been writing and doing as much writing related activities as possible (around two young children) since.
You are one busy woman! Kudos to you for accomplishing all that while raising kids! Let's talk a little about heat level and what readers can expect from your stories, as well as the heat level you prefer to read. Is that bedroom door open or closed?
I can tell you now I don’t write erotica. Ha ha! When writing my first novel, Plus One is a Lucky Number, I kept thinking it would need some sex in it otherwise the readers were going to be really frustrated and fed up with me, or very disappointed, so I certainly don’t close the bedroom door. However, I do like to build chemistry between the hero and heroine. I love Liz Fielding, a Mills and Boon author who writes mainly sweet romances. She may not have sex on the page, but her pages sizzle with sensual sexual chemistry. Whether I actually achieve that is another opinion, but I try.
I love Liz Fielding's work too. I've been walking around with her characters in my head for years. LOL Tell us a little about the characters you’ve created. For instance, which one is your favorite and why?
Believe it or not, in my second book which is currently called Perfect Isn’t An Option (but I’m not getting too attached on the title as Harper Impulse are likely to change it lol!) I love the hero’s sister, Ruby. She turned out to be quite bossy and strong willed – maybe a little of me in her. But she’s just lovely. She ended up being a much bigger character than I intended, and I had to give Ruby her own romance within the book too.
Yay! I love it when the characters take over. Nothing better. What can readers look forward to seeing from you in the future?
I should be working on book two (mentioned above), which is partially written but needs a good edit, and some additing (to get it up to word count required). However, I appear to be glued to Facebook, Twitter and even the authors own forum supporting my fellow Harper Impulse authors at present. But it is difficult to concentrate on writing when the kids are on their school holidays… she says…
LOL! Well, and you're in the midst of promotion. That always makes things a little scattery for me. That being said, perhaps we should move onto something less serious. Like...which Superhero would you most love to date and why?
Superman! Without a shadow of a doubt… and now that he looks like Henry Cavill even more so, although I was a big Christopher Reeve fan. Why? Because he’s the man of steel. He’s a strong, but caring man.
You just said two of my most favorite words in the world. Henry Cavill. I had to post a picture. And then when I found this second one, I had to post one more. Just sayin... What's your favorite cocktail?
I wish I drank more cocktails but they’re way too expensive. I was drinking Woo Woo’s a little while ago and they’re very nice. Now if you asked me what my favourite shot was, I’d answer Pomegranate Sambucas :D
YUM! I love Pomegranate anything. LOL Thank you so much for being here today, Teresa!! And now on to more of Plus One is a Lucky Number!! Whoot! 
~ * ~
Sophie’s going to a wedding where the invite is strictly plus one… but with her single girl status not exactly fitting in with the bridesmaid dress code, and the best man being none other than the ex she would rather forget, Sophie needs a favour and she needs it fast!
Luckily for Sophie, her dreamy but distant co-worker Adam Reid owes their mutual friend James big time…and his gorgeousness more than fills the role of the ‘Perfect Boyfriend’!
As they take off to the sunny shores of Cornwall for the wedding weekend, it’s not long before pretence leads to passion and Sophie and Adam must decide; is their relationship real or is it all for show?
Find Teresa on the web:  Blog / Website / Twitter / Facebook
Plus One is a Lucky Number can be found here: 


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Written Fireside -- Part Five

Greetings lovely blog guests! Today I have something super special in store! I was recently asked to participate in what has turned into the best, most funnest writing project I've had the pleasure of experiencing in a long time.

Several writer pals from the HarperImpulse UK team invited me to join in the Written Fireside...a traveling story that we all share in writing together. If you've not yet read the first four installments, I urge you to do so before diving into my section. Click on the links as follows:

Part One -- written by Lori Connelly

Part Two -- written by Teresa Morgan
Part Three -- written by Carmel Harrington (bring tissues).
Part Four -- written by Romy Sommers
Part Five -- written by yours truly, can be found HERE
Part Six -- written by Charlotte Phillips will be posted on August 29th

After the installment given by Charlotte Phillips, Lori Connelly will pick up the strings of the tale and keep us going. I'm sure you will find the strength of this story shows in the talent these special ladies bring to the table. Together we are a force to be reckoned with!!

I hope you enjoy reading our Written Fireside as much as we have enjoyed writing it!

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Jane Linfoot tells us How to Win A Guy in 10 Dates!

Hi Jane! I'm so glad you're here at Tattered Pages today. Why don't we start by telling our visitors a little more about you.

I’m Jane Linfoot, and I write fun, flirty fiction, with feisty heroines and a bit of an edge.
I live in a mountain kingdom in Derbyshire, England, where my family and pets are kind enough to ignore the domestic chaos – happily, we’re in walking distance of a supermarket. For me, writing romance is cool because I get to wear pretty shoes instead of wellies. I love hearts, flowers, happy endings, all things vintage, most things french. When I’m not on facebook, and can’t find an excuse for shopping, I’ll be walking, or gardening. On days when I want to be really scared, I ride a tandem.
You sound like my kind of writer! I love feisty heroines. Tell us how your writing career began.
Back in 2004 a friend asked if I was interested in co-writing a novel. In my day job as a Property Developer I was between houses and had time to spare, so I agreed. We wrote a hen lit novel (chick lit for chicks who've grown up!), Plotting for Beginners, which eventually became a best seller, and that was a great journey. But I'd always really wanted to write romance, so when I next had time that's what I did, but this time flying solo. That makes it sound easy, but it's probably been the hardest thing I've ever done. I was so happy when Harper Impulse offered me a three book contract.                        

Wow! That's awesome you've got a best seller under your belt. Congrats! Other than Plotting for Beginners, do you stick to one sub-genre or write across lines?
So far I've written Contemporary Romance, but I'd love to try other things too.

With Contemporary Romance comes many heat levels. What can readers expect from your stories? And what about the heat level you prefer to read? Does that bedroom door stay open or closed?
So far I've written hot romance, which is what I usually read. And the bedroom door is definitely open - although my characters often end up in other locations!

Whoo Hoo! Now I know for sure. You are definitely my kind of writer! LOL Of the characters you’ve created, which one is your favorite and why?
Don't know :-)
It's hard to pick sometimes, I know. What about self-publication. Have you ever considered going that route in your career?  

Yes. We have the ebook rights for Plotting for Beginners, and recently self-published the ebook version of that. But I must admit I do prefer working with a publisher.
I do too. :-) That being said, what's next? Do you have another project in the works?

My next contemporary romance. Tagline: 27 dresses with bikes!!!
That sounds fabulous! LOL I love that. After finishing a manuscript, do you take some time off or dive right in to the next story?

When I finish a manuscript my treat is to catch up on the reading on my TBR pile, whilst I work on the outline for the next story.
You know, that's a fantastic idea. I think I'm gonna use your example and do just that next time I'm in between projects. Speaking of TBR piles, what’s on your nightstand (or downloaded onto your Kindle) right now?

All the Harper Impulse books, Charlotte Phillips' All Bets Are On, and a couple of Jennifer Probst books.
Whoot! I love the sound of that! LOL What about your significant other? Does he read your work? And, if so, what’s his reaction?

My OH turned out to have a great eye, so I call on him for proof reading. He raised his eyebrows a bit the first time, but now he's used to it. When I used him as a body double, to work out a tricky move, he just laughed.

LOL! That's hilarious! I call my husband the Head of Research and Development. *eyebrow waggle* What's your favorite cocktail?
Tequila sunrise
What about hobbies? Any of those outside of reading and writing? 

I love being outside – I do lots of dog walking and have a big garden so I do a lot of work in that, although it's still like a jungle! And I love to grow flowers. I enjoy cycling too. I trained as an architect, so I often go wandering round looking at buildings too, and I used to live in France, so I love watching french films. They help to keep my french going.  
Wow! You are one busy girl! Do you have any pets?

I have Yoyo, an Old English Sheepdog, (she's my third, I have to have an Old English in my life!) and two cats, Tinkerbell who is seventeen, grey, and very beautiful, and Umberto, who I saw being born in next door's stable. He's orange, and thinks he's a human.
I have one of those cats too! LOL Thank you so much for visiting with us, Jane! And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for, onto the sneak peek inside How to Win A Guy in 10 Dates!
The 10 Date Challenge
Day 1: Take one loaded commitment-phobe explosives expert, embarking on the impossible–a challenge to have ten dates with one woman.
Day 5: Add in a fiercely independent and feisty burlesque teacher who has sworn off men.
Day 10: She’s so not his type and he’s so not in her life-plan. But the heat is sizzling and the attraction is explosive. And they’re fighting it all the way….
~ * ~
‘Anyone home?’
Millie jumped as she heard Ed’s voice reverberate through the house. What the heck was he doing rocking up in the middle of the afternoon, and her in her skimpiest bikini?
‘I knocked, but you obviously didn’t hear, so I let myself in.’
And then he was there, sauntering through from the house, talking to her, but not looking at her face. Eyes all over everywhere else. Devouring.
‘Who finishes work at three thirty?’
Not that she wasn’t completely at ease with her body – she was. Just not at ease with the way her skin sizzled under his scrutiny. She rubbed her nose with the back of a gluey hand, playing for time as she worked out her next move. Diving into the house to grab a vest would be preferable.
But how to get past him? He was leaning languidly across the doorway, all tanned brooding strength, eyes sootier than ever behind those amazing lashes, and uncannily silent. She saw his jaw clench imperceptibly, his broad shoulders shift.
A guy with a habit of getting stuck in doorways. Again.
‘If you’ll excuse me?’ She took one firm step towards him.
He didn’t move. Simply stared. And swallowed.
‘Can I pass please?’ She ignored the banging whack of her heart against her ribs, dragged her eyes away from the unmistakable blue shadow of an erection, forging against the denim of his jeans.
‘Of course.’ His eyes narrowed. Then he went sideways, back still grazing the wall, to make room, and his lips slid into the laziest of smiles. ‘Any time.’
She hauled in a breath, hesitated, hardly trusting herself to pass him so close, hating that her body was betraying her, fizzing with excitement.
She needed to man up. What the heck was happening here? It was only one man, and one doorway she needed to get through. What could be so difficult?
Fixing her eyes firmly on the island unit in the kitchen, she set off.
Easy as. Except just after she’d made it past him, he snagged her. Not hard, not fiercely, hardly at all in fact, just the slightest graze of her forearm, then his fingers gently locking around her wrist.
Enough to make her heart-beat crash to a standstill, as her legs turned to hot syrup.
She stopped, turned a fraction, and the unbearable scent of him knocked her off her guard. As she rolled her eyes to meet his, she registered smoldering heat in their dark chocolate depths.
And the thought that any moment his mouth was going to come crashing down on hers. ‘Millie......?’ His voice was hoarse, gravelly.
 Frozen as the goose-bumps raced up her arm, nipples like..... ‘What?’
He let her wrist drop, and he cleared his throat. ‘I brought cakes. Any chance you could make some tea? ’
And then there was nothing, except her hand, limp at her side.
As if she’d imagined it, as if it hadn’t happened at all. 
‘Actually I’m just about to go out.’ And then she was in the kitchen, grabbing a t-shirt from a kitchen stool and grappling her way into it.
A gut reaction. There was plenty of time for tea, so why was she pretending there wasn’t? Lashing out because she was disappointed? Or saving herself from looking like a total fool when her over-active imagination made her think he wanted her? Hearing his voice advancing as he came in from the courtyard, she blurted out a hurried excuse.
‘Sorry, I have classes this evening. I need to get ready. I should have said before.’ She shrugged, diffidently. ‘Some other time perhaps?’
‘When are you back?’ His eyes narrowed, more calculating now than smoldering.
Despite the blasts of hot air wafting from the courtyard, she shivered. ‘Nine.’
Suddenly she wasn’t sure she trusted herself to be around him any more. The more infuriating she found him in real life, the more she ached for a piece of him. She hated her body for playing tricks on her. No way could she be interested in any man right now, without de-railing her life-plan. She needed to get a grip on reality, she was a million miles away from ready for another guy. She had her priorities, and more to the point, she had her self-preservation instinct firmly in place. No guy, no matter how much animal magnetism he exuded, would be allowed to distract her and make her drop her guard.
‘Catch you later then!’ He was sauntering towards the door as airily as he had sauntered in. One cheery wave, one disgusting, tummy flipping, laid-back smile, and he was out of her hair. Easy peasy. But something about the set of his jaw made it sound like a threat not a promise.
~ * ~

Here's where you can find How to Win A Guy in 10 Dates
Amazon US

Amazon UK

Find Jane Linfoot on the web here:
Author Page Facebook:
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What's A Girl to Do? Be Sinfully Summer!

Chello dahlinks and welcome to another GREAT DAY of Harper Impulse awesomeness! Whoot! Today I have the fabulous Aimee Duffy visiting, who's been so busy writing her wicked good stories, she's brought along TWO selections for your viewing pleasure. Check out these goodies and then be sure to go click those buy links! These sizzling stories do not disappoint!

~ * ~

The first novella in a thrilling, pulse-racing new erotic romance series, Indecent Proposals. Three best friends, Shey, Eloisa and Georgia take on the most powerful and eligible men of the New York dating scene.

Perfect for fans of bestselling erotic romance authors Sylvia Day and E.L. James!

'I'm not coming over.' Shey replied confidently.

'Then maybe you could return the favor now.'

Wait, he didn't mean...

'Slide your hand beneath your panties and tell me how ready you are for me.'

Oh my god, he did.

Single Manhattanite Shey Lopez doesn't do one night stands, or have relationships she can't control. Especially if giving in to playboy Calvin Jones means losing her heart in the process.

However, Mr Won't-Take-No-For-An-Answer always gets what he wants and there's only so many times a girl can resist such an enticing proposal...

~ * ~

‘I suppose you agree with her idiot boyfriend?’ Shey asked the stranger.

His lips twisted up at the corners and a sultry look darkened his eyes. ‘Hell no. I can think of better ways to entertain a lady.’

Her heart rate went crazy.

Mandy gasped, but was saved by the phone ringing. Shey didn’t have the same time to compose herself. She was lost in his gaze and that fiery burn scorching through her body. For the first time since she could remember, Shey couldn’t find her tongue. Those damn eyes messed with her head and she couldn’t break free from their spell if she tried.

He stepped closer, and the burn intensified. She was so hot she wanted to rip the dress off and stand in front of an open freezer to cool down. Up close she could see a dark five o’clock shadow on his sculpted jaw. His throat was thick, just like his shoulders. The slightly crooked nose suggested he’d had it broken at some point in his life, but it didn’t deter from his harsh beauty. Shey was awestruck, and so turned on she thought she might come just from looking at him.

‘What’s your name, gorgeous?’ he asked.

The disinterest on his face made it seem like he was flirting out of habit rather than because he wanted to. Even still, there seemed to be a magnetic force between them, crackling in the air and sparking. Those eyes of his  had darkened, contradicting his Mr. Cool Man front. No way was Shey going to make this easy for him.

‘Seriously? That the best line you’ve got?’ She forced a laugh, but it came out husky, damn it. ‘Next you’ll call my dad a thief for stealing the stars and putting them in my eyes.’

His brows shot up, but he composed himself in a heartbeat. With a smile, he leaned forward and brushed a kiss over her cheekbone. The spicy smell of him invaded her senses and her skin sizzled with the contact. Her body went hyperactive. Hands trembling, knees weakening and oh yeah, soaked right through her lacy thong. She had to get away from him before she did something crazy, like beg for those soft lips to touch her again.

‘Sweetheart, with you I don’t need any lines.'

Anger boiled through her veins, loosening his hold on her body. She didn’t even know his name and he had her salivating, for Christ’s sake. He was a cocky bastard, so sure he had her right where he wanted her, and the worst thing? He was absolutely right. Next time those lips touched her skin she’d be putty in his long-fingered hands.

‘It’ll take more than arrogance to win me over.’ Shey left the asshole unspoken. ‘I have somewhere to be.’ Without waiting for Mandy to get off the phone or for Mr. Cool to reply, she left the reception.

His voice trailed behind her. ‘I’ll see you soon, gorgeous.’

Yeah, big shot. In your dreams.
Find What's a Girl to Do at: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / Kobo
~ * ~

Sun, Sea and Scandal
Notorious heiress Alexa Green has certainly been enjoying her most recent girls-holiday in Marbella. Just as we thought, she’s been knocking back the cocktails and showing off her fabulous bikini body on the beach… but rumour has it she’s also been spotted sneaking out of Enrique Castillo’s penthouse in the early hours of this morning – in nothing but her underwear! Our question is, doesn’t this fiercely private billionaire know what he’s letting himself in for?
He’s got the millions… and she knows how to spend them! So lie back on your sun lounger and get comfortable, because this summer fling is going to be a sizzler!

~ * ~
Adrenaline roared through her veins. This was her only chance. Pushing away from the wall, she rounded the lift, desperately seeking an escape. She barely noticed the plush furnishings, soft-looking leather sofas and floor to ceiling window which showcased the most spectacular view she’d ever seen. Instead she focused on the walls surrounding the elevator.
‘Are you lost?’
The heavily accented voice froze her to the spot. She darted a glance toward the sound. Dark brows furrowed over the richest coloured eyes she’d seen. His gaze swept over the length of her body, then up, lingering on her rear for a beat too long. Her skin tingled under his scrutiny.
Turning her whole body to face him, she slapped a hand on her hip. ‘Had a good enough look?’
His lips quirked in a sexy, lopsided grin. The jitters were back and Alexa swore the temperature in the room shot up ten degrees. Her gaze dropped to his broad shoulders, covered in a thin white t-shirt, then down to a well filled chest. She could see a dark pattern beneath the t-shirt. She longed to find out what kind of tattoo he had. Usually, tats didn’t do it for her. But on that body…
‘I could ask you the same thing.’
She snapped her attention back to his face. He stepped toward her, his jaw set, his eyes dancing with humour and something darker…something that made her blood heat and her mouth water.
Alexa raised her arm, palm out. ‘Hold it there, Mr. Any closer and I’ll scream.’
He paused by the sofa. Propping his hip against the cream leather, he folded his arms across his chest, causing the muscles to bulge. The moisture drained from her mouth and flooded in her belly.
‘No one’s here to hear you.’ He cocked a brow. ‘You seem to be forgetting where you are and,’ his gaze dipped down to her breasts causing the nipples to peak against the lacy fabric ‘how underdressed.’
Alexa thought this moment would have topped the blush scale. She planted her other hand on her hip and glared at him, unwilling to show any weakness. ‘I’m just leaving.’
She turned and strode back to the lift, keeping her back straight and trying not to wiggle her hips too much. The predatory sheen in his eyes made her body more jittery than the idea of sprinting around the lower floor in her underwear. She reached out to hit the button, but a large hand circled her wrist before she made it.
Alexa squeaked and darted back a step. He was so close, and his chest was right in her face. She could see the dark outline of the tattoo beneath the thin cotton. The outline of a burning sun, she thought, or something that looked like a sun. Her hands itched to lift the material and see for herself.
‘I’m up here.’
She snapped her gaze back up to his smirking face and took another step back. His lips kicked up at the corners and his eyes darkened. She swallowed against the urge to step closer, to feel his hard body pressed against hers. But she realised she was in little more than her bra and knickers in a stranger’s home. Unease skittered down her spine.
Alexa squared her shoulders, trying to quash the fear turning her heated blood into cold sludge. ‘I’m leaving now.’
‘After you explain what you’re doing in my home in your undergarments.’
Undergarments?’ Alexa pressed her lips together to keep a giggle at bay. ‘Seriously?’

Find Sinfully Summer at:  Amazon US / Amazon UK / Google Play / Barnes & Noble

~ * ~

All my life I’ve been dreaming up stories. My mum said when I was little I used to make all the My Little Pony figurines talk to each other, and even fall in love. Later, it was Barbie and Ken. In my teens, I played matchmaker with my friends at school.
When I wasn’t creating imaginary scenarios, I had my nose stuck in books, reading across genres and there was one thing I loved more than the escapism—the fact a story can touch me so deeply, like I was experiencing everything along with my characters. I knew from early on this was something I wanted to do for others.
Fast forward a few years, and the dream almost got lost in real life, but I still couldn’t shake it completely. Now I write sizzling romance with the hope of making my readers’ hearts race like they are falling in love for the first time.
You can find me here:  Website/Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Pinterest / Google +


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The Keepers: Archer is HERE!

Greetings happy bloggers and welcome to another day with HarperImpulse! Whoo Hoo! I'm pleased as punch to have the talented Rae Rivers visiting today, who brings with her the first installment in her Keepers Series -- The Keepers: Archer.

Hi Rae! I'm so happy you're here at Tattered Pages! To start our interview, tell us how your writing career began.

I was twelve years old and wrote my first book by hand. My mother upgraded me to a typewriter and finally a computer which was like heaven.  My love for story telling blossomed over the years but I only started writing in earnest about three years ago.  Now, it’s as essential to me as breathing … and it’s become my job.  (Don’t think I’ve said that last sentence before!)

LOL It's weird isn't it? But it IS definitely a job. The Keepers falls into the paranormal romance sub-genre, and I'm wondering if moving forward you plan to stick with this same genre or expand to others? 

Until The Keepers: Archer, I’d only ever written romantic suspense novels so when a witch came to mind with her story, I was quick to dismiss her.  She was relentless though and once she told me that she came with a trio of sexy muscles, her three Keepers, I was sold!  So for the last year, I’ve had my head wrapped in the witch and her warriors and have had the time of my life!  Once I’ve completed all four books in the series, I’d love to write another romantic suspense novel again.

Hey! You can't go wrong with a trio of sexy muscles! LOL And speaking of which, let's talk heat level for a moment. The paranormal genre can stretch the gambit from sweet to sizzling, depending on the author. What heat level can readers expect in The Keepers: Archer? Is that bedroom door open or closed? And what about your reading preferences? Do you like a little steam with your read?

I love reading and writing scenes with a spicy heat level. (Not a huge fan of erotica though.) And it’s not only about the end bedroom goal but also about the build up to it.  Sizzling chemistry, sexy dialogue, and a little dance between the hero and heroine are essential!

I couldn't agree more! That build up is KEY! Are you still currently working on The Keeper Series or has it been written in it's entirety?

I’ve just completed the next book in The Keeper series which is the Prequel for Archer.  It’s with my editor at the moment and should be released soon.  I’m currently working on the next book, Declan.  He’s the middle brother and he’s sexy, snarky, impulsive, and has loads of personality.  So far, he’s been so much fun to write!

And if sounds like he's going to be a blast to read, as well! Whoot! Okay, so, after finishing a manuscript, do you take some time off or dive right in to the next story?

This depends on deadlines, story ideas, creativity, brain mush, sleep deprivation, and how long it’s been since my family has seen me. J  At this point, with the deadlines being so tight between books and having five books coming out within the next year (four Keeper books and one romantic suspense), there isn’t really time for slacking so I snatch a few free evenings here or there where I steer clear of my computer.  Anything longer than that and my characters start to fuss!  J

I know what you mean. Ignoring those characters makes for lots of voices running rampant through the ol' gray matter. LOL You mentioned that you're married with a family. Does your husband read your work? And, if so, what’s his reaction?

I’ve known my husband for nineteen years (high school sweethearts J) and he’s only read two (yes, two!) books in that entire time so reading my book hasn’t even crossed his mind.  I’m really grateful for this as he would probably raise an eyebrow or laugh at some of the more heated scenes!

LOL! Thank you so much for being here today, Rae! It's been a pleasure having you! And now for a sneak peek inside...
The Keepers:  Archer
Lose yourself in the world of The Keepers, an exciting new Paranormal Romance trilogy from Rae Rivers.
“Don’t ever look for me again, Archer.”
His mouth curled into a smile. “Game on.”

Central Park. Sienna Beckham is out jogging in the autumn sun, feeling almost ordinary. Trouble is, she'll never be. She's on the run from her life as a powerful witch and the three Keepers blood-bound to protect her.
Evil is hot on Sienna's tail and Archer Bennett is searching for her, desperate to find her before they do. As one of her Keepers, he will fight to his death to defend her.
Sienna must return and defend her hometown, Rapid Falls – but she has to face the past and master her powers. And as forbidden feelings blossom between Sienna and Archer, will their love survive the ultimate war?
The Keepers: three strong and handsome warrior brothers, born to protect.

~ * ~
  Sienna put a hand on Archer’s arm.  “I’m going to find Warrick and get him to talk to me so we can go home.”
   Archer responded by sliding both hands behind her lower back and pulling her tighter against him so that her body was flush against his.  She gasped at the sudden close contact and the intensity of his grip on her and tried to pull back to see his expression.
  “Just a minute more,” he whispered in her ear, keeping her in place as they swayed to the music.  Her body shivered in response, his breathy words scattering her thoughts in an instant. 
  “Careful, Archer, any closer and people will start thinking I’m your woman.”
  “You are my woman.” 
  She’d meant to tease him, to ease the sudden possessive grip he had on her, but when his mouth edged towards hers, the gentle scrape of his lips against her skin and his whispered words ripped a soft shudder through her.
  “Not yet.  In time, you will be.”
  She smiled against him.  “Confident tonight, are you?”
  “I call it like I see it.”  His fingers toyed with the seam of her dress at her lower back, and his lips hovered dangerously close to hers. 
  “You know we can’t.”
   “I’m not in the mood to please The Circle right now and besides, some of the best things in life are the things that are forbidden.”
  “What are we, Adam and Eve?”
  His face softened in a breathtaking grin and in a gentle movement, he released her, twirled her around, and drew her back to cradle her in a possessive hold that enthralled rather than annoyed her.
  She longed to throw caution to the wind and kiss him, take what he offered, and lose herself in this gorgeous man.  Screw the consequences.
  Instead, she opted for the safe route.  “Stop it, Archer.”
  “Scared to admit the truth?”
  “Liar,” he breathed against her lips before pulling back. 
  She blinked, trying to ignore the flash of desire that raced through her body and pretend her senses hadn’t just been overrun by pure male sexiness.
  “I should go,” she said, needing some distance between them.  After all, she was here for a reason and it wasn’t to spend the night in Archer’s arms – on the dance floor or otherwise.
  The silent motion of his head agreed with her, but she could see that he was worried.
 She didn’t blame him.  Beneath her cool fa├žade, even she was worried.
  But she had a plan.  One she wouldn’t share with her Keepers just yet.
  And she hoped to hell it worked.
~ * ~
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