Friday, May 30, 2014

The Evolution of Book-kind - By My Side by Wendy Lou Jones

I'm thrilled to have Wendy Lou Jones visiting with us today, who is sharing her latest release, By My Side, available from HarperImpulse on June 5th! Take it away, Wendy!

After finishing The Songbird and the Soldier, I decided to write a medical romance. With a background working in hospitals, my knowledge base was pretty good and I had an incident I wanted to explore. The story evolved well and I enjoyed it, but I still felt it needed something more, so I put it in the hands of a character and let her take it from there. The story is based around a hospital, but although the setting is medical, its overriding themes are about letting go and learning to love again. And with that achieved, the story was finished… or so I thought.

I handed it in to my editor and went back to work on a book I had written years before.

But then at Christmas time, my story came back to me for revisions, and although essentially it is still the same, it developed down a route I had not expected. The whole pivot of the emotional impact changed and as I worked on it, I began to feel excited. This wasn’t what I’d had in mind, but maybe it was better. This is my story for you now and it’s called: By My Side.

And with this change, my heart was stirred by another character and I felt the need to tell his tale too. His voice kept plaguing me while I was working on the edits and as soon as they were done, I turned straight around and started again. Three months later it was written and I typed the word ‘End’.

I don’t know if the story will be the same by the time it gets to you, but for now he is quiet and a new blank page is calling me.

Betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Lena is left empty; trapped under a weight of guilt and loneliness. Then, at her lowest point and when she needs it most, a mysterious stranger comes into her life with a tale of friendship, family, and finding love in the most unexpected of places…

Katy Heath is definitely not thinking of love when she comes across consultant, Adam Elliott, berating some poor patient on the ward one day. In fact it is Dr Peter Florin who quickly has everyone’s hearts aflutter with his easy smiles and practised charm.

Yet Katy comes to realise that there’s more to Adam than his determination to push everyone away and it’s not long before she finds herself longing to reach out to touch the man within, healing the pain of his past.
As Lena is drawn into Katy’s story, she begins to learn – just as Katy does - that the course of true love never did run smooth.
My name is Wendy Lou Jones. I was born and raised in West Sussex, England and moved to Birmingham to study Medicine at University, where I was lucky enough to meet my husband. We now live in a little village in Herefordshire with our two grubby boys. I discovered a love of writing not long after my youngest son started school. And if you were to ask me what it was that made me make the switch, I’d tell you quite simply, that it started with a dream.


AJ Nuest said...

So glad you're here with me today, Wendy! Can't wait for By My Side to come out! Whoot! Congrats, hon! x

Unknown said...

Thank you, Petal; you've made my day!