Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice Supper and Summer Reading List!

Summer doesn't get any better than a good meal and a great book, so a few of my friends and I picked the Summer Solstice to offer you a sumptuous supper and a buffet of books to satisfy your reading hunger.

Each author has shared a favorite dish and the menu is chock-full of mouthwatering delights. The buffet of books offers a flavor for everyone--romance of many genres, historicals, cocktails made simple and secrets to an enriched life. As you can see below, the menu contains the title of one of the author’s books and a web link.
To get the ingredients for each menu item, go here:
Scroll down for eye-candy book covers and some insights about each author. I invite you to visit each blog or website, make a new friend or two and celebrate the summer with us.
Here's to a great Summer 2013 and happy reading (and eating)!
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Blackberry Gin and Tonic by J.K. O'Hanlon -Three Ingredient Cocktails ~
Pomegranate Martini by Kathy L Wheeler - Quotable ~
Japanese Chicken Wings by Jan Morrill -The Red Kimono ~
Sweet & Sour Hawaiian Meatballs by Vonnie Davis - Rain Is A Love Song ~
Easy Stuffed Mushrooms by Alicia Dean - Liberty Awakened (Isle of Fangs, Book 1) ~
7 Layer Salad by AJ Nuest - She's Got Dibs ~
Mandarin orange & spinach salad by Barbara Barrett - And He Cooks Too ~
Pesto Chicken by Nancy Parra - Gluten for Punishment ~
Taquitos by Calisa Rhose - Risk Factors ~
Linda's Summer Shrimp Boil by Linda Joyce - Bayou Born ~
Oven Fried peach chicken Juli D. Revezzo - The Artist's Inheritance ~
Betty’s Nutty Pork Chops by Betty Bolte - Hometown Heroines ~
Kolaches by Gina Hooten Popp - The Storm After ~
Chocolate-Cherry-Coconut Cupcakes by Luna Zega - Tokyo Tease ~
Fruit Compote by Brenda Sparks - A Midsummer Night's Demon ~
After Dinner Drinks
After Dinner Iced Coffee by Sandra Sookoo - Winging It ~

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Recipe for AJ's 7 Layer Salad
(Which is really 8 Layers)

Place chicken breasts in shallow baking dish and cover entirely in Fat Free Italian dressing. Cover and bake at 350 until done. Remove chicken from oven and allow to cool. Cut into cubes and refrigerate prior to salad assembly.

Clean and cut lettuce and place in a large clear bowl.
Sprinkle with dried dill weed and toss until evenly distributed.
Layer cold cubed chicken over lettuce.
Clean and thinly slice scallions. Layer over chicken.
Layer thawed, uncooked peas over scallions.
Peel and thinly slice boiled eggs. Layer over peas.
Crumble cooked bacon and layer over eggs.
Sprinkle entire package of sharp cheddar cheese over eggs.
Pour entire bottle of ranch dressing over cheese.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.

This is a great salad to make and take to a summer party to share with several families. I also make it a few times during the summer for our family of four because it serves as a great meal in its own right. Add a loaf of crusty garlic bread and you've got a cool summer supper. As long as the leftovers are kept refrigerated in an airtight container, they stay fresh for several days...although they never usually last that long. :-)

Starting June 25-29 at Amazon, She's Got Dibs is FREE at Amazon
Don't forget to download your copy!
 She’s Got Dibs, won 1stPlace in the Contemporary Category,
Heartland Romance Authors, Show Me the Spark! Contest, 2010

True love does not exist…or so event planner Tessa Adams learns the day she gets jilted—twenty-four hours prior to walking down the aisle. One-night stands are much easier, and with sexy philanthropists like David Brenner, how can she resist? Now if she could just get rid of him. Had she known the biggest event of her career would be working for David’s father, she would have cut and run. Instead, she’s unwittingly become a part of his parents' plan to destroy his life-long dreams. Will sacrificing her love protect him or be the ultimate betrayal?
Wealthy and gorgeous, David Brenner seemingly holds the world in the palm of his hand—his generous heart and infectious smile are just two in an endless stream of attractive qualities. But the one thing he wants, he can’t have—a repeat of the passionate night he spent in the arms of a skittish Tessa Adams. His family’s far-reaching power threatens to crush their dreams. To prove his love, he would risk everything…but will the return of her ex-fiancé be their final undoing?
“Dibs.” He extended his hand.
Frowning, she accepted his greeting. “Dibs on what?
“No.” He chuckled. “That's my name. Or well, actually, my nickname. Either way, it's what everyone calls me.”
“O-o-okay...” The guy definitely had the smolder covered...and those incredible ice-blue eyes. Yikes!
“And you are?”
“Oh, Tessa Adams.” She laughed.
“And everyone calls you...?”
Her frown returned. “Tessa.”
“Oh.” He scanned her face. “No nickname, huh?”
“Not that I recall at the moment.”
He pressed his full lips together as if restraining a smile, eyes twinkling with merriment, and handed her the notepad. “Here's your confirmation number. The room's at the Waldorf Towers over on Park.”
Two suites at the Waldorf? In this mess? What was he, a wizard? “Wow, great. Thanks so much for the help.”
“Glad to be of service.” He retrieved his briefcase and started down the corridor, abruptly stopped, and peered at her over the perfect slant of his shoulder. “And don't worry, Tessa, I'll think of a good nickname for you.”
She offered him a blank stare. “Hey, knock yourself out.”
Mischief danced along his lips before a grin broke free and he continued down the hallway.
“What a whack job,” she muttered.



Lilly Gayle said...

What a fun hop. Going to read about more books and snag more recipes...but, I already have or know about most of these and Dibs is already on my TBR list!

Luna Zega said...

Oh, I like! The recipe sounds divine. I'm making it for the farmer workers on Sunday! The book sounds just as enticing--on my reading list. I have a busy summer ahead of me. So many good books in this blog hop.

Kathy L Wheeler said...

yummy, yummy, yummy

Barbara said...

Always like to find a new and enticing way to serve chicken. This looks perfect for summer guests.

Barbara Barrett

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Love your recipe, AJ!!! Sounds awesome and I'm making it soon. I bet it tastes divine.

Alicia Dean said...

This is perfect. I love every one of those ingredients and it sounds like a nice way to make a main dish/salad. Simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing. And I will be sure to keep an eye out for your book to go free. Thanks again!

Calisa Rhose said...

I bet your salad will be a huge hit around my house, AJ! Can't wait to read Dibs soon. :) Congrats on your release hon.

AJ Nuest said...

Thanks everyone for commenting! I'm away on vacation with my family, but will be sure to visit your blogs soon!

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