Monday, May 6, 2013

The Boys of DownCrash are Here!

Please welcome London Casey to Tattered Pages, who brings to us a New Adult Contemporary Romance, The Stronger, Safer Kind, Book I in The Boys of DownCrash series. Those of you who know me, also know what I sucker I am for rockstar romances (I did marry a guitar player, after all), so it's no surprise when London contacted me, I jumped at the chance to showcase this series.

Here's a peek at what awaits inside the first book in this series! (And by the way, I'm lovin this cover, London. Super cool!)

DownCrash is the band in my newest new adult romance series titled The Boys of DownCrash.  They’re a three piece band and each band member gets their own book.

The series came to me after seeing a couple local bands playing shows and seeing how dedicated their local fan bases were.  Not to mention getting to know some of the band members… and maybe perhaps I, too, play an instrument or three and have a few stories of my own to share.  ;)

Tripp – in the first book (The Stronger, Safe Kind), readers get to meet Tripp.  He’s got attitude, tattoos, and a big heart. From the second he and Scarlett see each other, there’s a connection. But Scarlett is struggling with her own heart after the confession from her close friend, Andy, when he gets drunk and says he loves her.  Andy can give Scarlett an easy life but Tripp’s past and his deepest secrets could possibly be enough to get Scarlett to open up about her hidden past too.

Tatum – the super sexy drummer. He’s tall. No tattoos. But he has piercings. His lip…and somewhere else. When Tatum starts fooling around Scarlett’s roommate, Maggie, things get hot and heavy pretty quick. But then things start to unravel when someone from Maggie’s past comes back, demanding a chance at her future. This isn’t just love and it isn’t just romance…this could possibly mean life and death.

Logan – the quiet but hot bassist. In his book, Logan finally gets a chance to open up. He meets Maggie’s best friend from high school, Annie, and the last thing he’s looking for is a romance. But he can’t help it…he can’t help falling for her…but then fate steps in and Logan feels he’s in the middle of a cruel game.

In creating this band, I had the opportunity to create three different guys and their lives and all that comes with being in a band and what happens after the shows are over. I hope everyone enjoys this trilogy and continues reading beyond The Boys of DownCrash!

Reader can find The Boys of DownCrash here:  Amazon

London Casey is the author of the new adult romance series, The Boys of DownCrash. London has also written the paranormal new adult romance, Hurt Like HELL. Follow on Twitter @london_casey or at When not writing, London listens to random music and thinks of more to write about. 
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I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!