Tuesday, May 3, 2011


And in celebration, Tattered Pages is hosting its first ever...
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Jezebel has returned home from Chicago to heal, not from a physical trauma, but from a mental one. Hiding the true depths of her trauma is a task that seems beyond her capability. Compounding her distress is the fact that her mother recently sold the family home and moved to a small ranch. Jezzy doesn’t like the situation at all and is afraid of horses. As if that wasn’t enough, her mother is trying to fix her up with the local vet, Matty.

Matty sees Jezzy as a puzzle to unravel. His teasing pushes her out of her comfort zone, into bonding with one of the horses and into a relationship that is so supportive and unwavering that she cannot avoid comparing it with her previous one. Ms. Nuest does a great job showing that Matty and Jezzy are a perfect match.
It was somewhat hard to like Jezzy at first because she was so hurt and angry with herself. I liked the way she pushed back against Matty’s teasing and the wonderful way she opened her heart to the beautiful horse who befriended her. I especially liked Jezzy for wanting to know for sure what her deceased fiancĂ© was up to before she closed off that part of her life, even though Matty, the sweetest hero ever, offered Jezzy a way to completely forget.
Ms. Nuest does a great job of handling a heroine who is both deeply depressed as well as determined to recover her life, even if she avoids reaching out for help at first. Matty is a great classic hero, steadfast and willing to stand by Jezzy no matter what she decides.

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Laura Kaye said...

Great contest idea, AJ! Good luck!

Lynn Chantale said...

I told you!!!!!! Hip-hip-hurray!!!! So excited for you .

DarleneLF said...

Awesome gift basket!
I'm already following you on Facebook & Twitter, and soon to be reviewing JW (grin)!
Congrats on the 4 stars, AJ!

Amy said...

What a great review! Congratulations, AJ!

Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

Great Review! This book is tagged on to be read soon list!

Sandra Crowley said...

Congratulations on a wonderful review. You deserve the recognition and the celebration.

BTW, love the contest idea. Hope you have mega entrants and sales.

LaVerne Clark said...

Wonderful contest idea AJ! By the way - I fell in love with your story after hearing a snippet on blogradio (Edin Road). You were fantastic! : )

Huge congrats on a great review!

P.L. Parker said...

Great review and congratulations!

AJ Nuest said...

Thanks to everyone who commented on the review yesterday! I really, really appreciate the unwavering support from all the great friends I've made here and through WRP! Your names have all been entered into the MAY-HEM Contest! Whoo Hoo!

Joya Fields said...

Congrats on the great review, AJ!

Anonymous said...

4 Stars!!!! Woo hoo!! Very very cool - I can imagine how stoked you are! Great review!! :) :)

Shawna Thomas said...

What a great idea and wonderful review! This book keeps going higher on my TBR list!!!!

Mimi Barbour said...

Fantastic review AJ. I've bought the book and am looking forward to reading it as soon as I can find time to sit and relax.

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