Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meeting Your Significant Other

It is my distinct honor to host Maeve Greyson today, author extraordinaire from The Wild Rose Press, who shares with us an awesome story about how she met her Significant Other. I think it only right that Maeve is my final guest in our month-long Themes From the Heart Blog Tour, since she is one of my heroes! Be sure to read all the way down to get a sneak peek at her newly released Beyond a Highland Whisper, as well as leave a comment to enter our drawing for all sorts of fabulous prizes!

Maeve Greyson writes paranormal romances from her cozy little home in western Kentucky.  Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, her stories spark with magic and love, where anything might happen to get to that happily ever after. 

Her writing partner, Jasper –the rat terrier/Chihuahua mix, critiques all her work.  Under his sharp eye and the endless support of her husband of over thirty-one years, she snuggles back in their secluded wood and pours her daydreams into the keyboard.

Her debut novel, BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER, released from The Wild Rose Press on February 18, 2011.  She hopes you enjoy reading the tale as much as she enjoyed writing it. Welcome, Maeve!

I met my husband in a parking lot while trying to break into a car. It wasn’t his car. It wasn’t my car either. But three months after that chance meeting, I married the man I’ve spent the past thirty-one years with discovering life’s adventures.
Eighteen years old and freshly graduated from high school, I thought I could change the world. So, when I arrived at my summer job and discovered someone had left a puppy sitting inside a parked car with the windows barely cracked –I wasn’t about to walk away.
Rather than take the mature route and look for the owner in the cluster of gift shops surrounding the parking lot, I flew into a young I’LL SHOW THEM rage and proceeded to rescue the dog.  Back then, with a well-placed coat hanger and a little luck, you could easily pop the button and open any car door. I know. I also had a bad habit of locking my keys inside my battered green Chevy.
Just as I almost had the lock popped, a deep voice rumbled behind me. “What do you think you’re doing?”
At first, I didn’t turn around, just stared down into the big brown eyes of the puppy watching my progress with keen interest. I figured it was either a cop or the owner of the car. Either way, I was busted but I wasn’t going down without a fight.  I whirled around, heart hammering, fully prepared for battle. “I’m getting this poor dog out of the car before he dies of heat exhaustion. Some inconsiderate S.O.B. left him here to die.”
“Well then you need to do it like this.” The blue-eyed hunk took the coathanger out of my hands, popped the lock and opened the door before I had time to catch my breath.
Come to think of it, he still has that habit.  He’ll take things out of my hands to this day because I’m not accomplishing the task fast enough to suit him. Little does he know…I caught on to this early in our marriage. How do you think I get him to do everything I want? *wink*
Anyway, we freed the puppy, found the owners and my hero asked me if I’d like to see a movie since he was home on leave for the weekend. Yes. A man in uniform. Need I say more?
As the cliché says, “The rest is history.” Thirty-one years and counting. Two daughters and one adorable grand-daughter.  And they said it would never last.
How did you meet your significant other?
A beguiling Scot from the 1400’s, Latharn Mackay is cursed into a crystal orb when a seductive witch rages against his withheld love.  But there’s hope. The woman destined for him can break the curse by whispering her love aloud.  There’s just a few minor problems to overcome.  Nessa is six hundred years in the future and Latharn can only visit her dreams with a silent presence.  If he speaks, the curse will shatter his soul into bits.  And then there’s still the matter of the sorceress.  You know an enraged woman is going to have the final say…unless love proves more powerful.

The last time Latharn MacKay walked among his kinsman was in Scotland of 1410.  Sensuous and charismatic, all the women wanted him, but none could capture his heart.  Latharn's charm became his curse when a dark sorceress didn’t take rejection well.  She snared his soul into a crystal globe until the one woman destined to be his love whispered his release.  Now all Latharn has to do is find her and guide her to him without speaking a word.

One of the youngest archeologists in St Louis of 2010, Nessa credits one thing for this achievement: the recurring dream of a heart-stopping Highlander since the summer she turned eighteen years old.  Little does she know, he's not some fantasy cooked up by her subconscious.  He’s a trapped soul determined for Nessa to end his six centuries in hell. Can love prevail over the dark magic of a woman scorned?

Latharn stared across the room, flattening his hands against the frigid walls of his prison. It was her. She had arrived at last. His Nessa stood in Scotland, sharing the same room as the accursed globe. She was beautiful. The sight of her stole the breath from his lungs. He clawed his fingers against the glass, itching to touch the silk of her hair. He yearned to caress her, to take her into his arms. She was so close. She was almost within his reach.

“Nessa,” he whispered.

“Excuse me. I was wondering if you could give us some directions? I must’ve gotten an out-of-date map at the airport.”

A flustered redhead stood tapping her fingers on the counter where she’d already spread out a several-times refolded map. Her face was dark as a storm cloud; it was obvious she and her companion had been having a heated discussion. The elfin brunette stood just behind her. The brunette was not happy. She leaned against the counter glaring at the redhead. A disgruntled look upon her face, she rested her head on her hand as though she’d rather be anywhere but standing beside the redhead.

Latharn tore his eyes away from Nessa long enough to sneak a glance at Brodie. “God’s teeth, Brodie.” The man’s cock stood at full attention making a pup tent of the front his kilt. If they were outside, Latharn would call up an icy rainstorm to help the man bring things under control. Scrubbing his face, Latharn chuckled to himself and leaned against the crystal wall. Well, the lad was on his own, he’d just have to keep his randy arse behind the counter.

Brodie coughed and adjusted the front of his kilt as he edged closer behind the waist-high counter. His voice a bit strained, he cleared his throat and smiled at the two young women.

“Where might ye be headed? I’ve not seen ye here in town before. And from your accent, I don’t believe ye’re from anywhere near Balnakiel.”

The tiny brunette grinned, her face lighting up with a victorious smirk as she nudged the redhead in the shoulder. “I told you we overshot Durness an hour ago and you should’ve turned right at the last burial cairn!”

“That’s my girl,” Latharn purred. He loved it when Nessa showed her fire. She looked tired. What he wouldn’t give to massage all the aches and pains from her body. She worked too hard. Well, that would soon be over. When he was free of the globe, she would work no more. He would take care of her. She wouldn’t have a care in the world. Her life and her happiness would be in his hands. He would take care of her every need.

“Don’t start with me, Nessa,” the redhead hissed in irritation. “We always end up where we’re headed.” Her voice softened as she turned to face the politely smiling MacKays. With a nod toward the map, she added with a tight-lipped smile, “We just sometimes take the scenic route. Besides. I didn’t realize this was a race.”

“Hmm…that one there is going to be the undoing of some poor man,” Latharn noted with a grin. He had been watching Trish’s friendship with Nessa for years. Latharn missed the camaraderie he’d once had with his clan whenever he watched the two women together. It reminded him of just how isolated he was. He swallowed hard as he pushed the memories of his clan aside. Enough of this senseless bickering. It was time to put on a little show.

Thanks to all who took part in our February Blog Tour Event! Be sure to pop on over to Amie Louellen's blog, where I am the guest today discussing Developing Unique Characters. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

What a great story, Maeve. I met my husband a few days after I turned seventeen. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was an 'older' college boy. (Okay, only two years older, but it felt like a lot back then.) Everyone said it wouldn't last. I was too young, still in high school. But lo and behold, seventeen years later we are still going strong.

rbooth43 said...

I love reading stories that peek with magic and love, where anything might happen to get to that happily ever after. BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER sounds like a great read by the post and excerpt.

mjmuse said...

I met my husband at church. While away at college, I looked for a church. I walked into his and as one of the high school staff, he walked up and introduced himself and invited me to one of their activities. I was a sophomore in college, and it turned out, older than him. We started dating a few months later, dated 3 years and have been married 19 this summer. Back then I looked younger than my age. Not so much any more... :( lol!)

Linda Kage said...

Awww, Maeve! That sounds like something that would come straight from a romance story. I love it!!

Kim Bowman Author said...

I met mine because I was friends with his brother and sister-in-law. Not as romantic as yours, but what grabbed my attention was that he spent 3 weeks after getting my number trying to get in touch with me and plan a date (I worked 3 jobs and was very hart to pin down). When my mother called me at work and said "Look, this guy really likes you and wants to go out with you, CALL HIM," I decided mom knew best and, like Maeve, the rest is history. Fifteen years later (eleven married) and he's the love of my life and best friend.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Maeve,
What a fantastic story, and I agree with Linda - it does sound just like a romance novel!

I'm so glad you were able to rescue that poor puppy, I can never understand how people can leave dogs in vehicles in hot weather, and not realise that they're condemning them to be boiled alive. We've all got into a car and immediately opened all the doors and windows because it's so hot (even here in the chilly UK)

Animals have a great way of bringing people together, although I sometimes wonder if my husband realised he was going to be instructed in the gentle art of mucking out (horses) when he married me!

Clancy said...

We won't discuss any of my exes :)
I'm just relieved you saved the puppy. I hope you chewed out the owner properly when you found them.

Cate Masters said...

What a wonderful story, Maeve! Congrats on your new release, it also looks like a wonderful story!
My hubby never knew I existed until I graduated high school. He called me by my sister's name, so we didn't hit it off immediately. But once we did, there was no stopping us. We were married six months later, and have been married for 33 years.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Maeve, sounds like a wonderful story. Best wishes for megasales.

DarleneLF said...

Nice story Maeve, and your novel sounds very intriguing!

Maeve Greyson said...

I just got in from the day job and I'm so thrilled that all of you stopped in. Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't AJ's blog fantastic? *happy sigh*

Mary Ricksen said...

I know if you are an animal lover you can be my friend any day!
I've saved a few in my time, they're so grateful. Unconditional Love...

AJ Nuest said...

Maeve, I CANNOT tell you how awesome it has been to host you on my blog. How great are all these comments?! Please come back and visit with me as soon as you can. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the comments from kids. so funny and i have always wanted to write so the info about writing is very interesting.