Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tattered Pages Welcomes the Talented Multi-Published Miranda Stowe!

Miranda writes erotic romance of the contemporary, paranormal and suspense variety. She lives with her wonderful, Brad-Pitt-lookalike husband (hey, they're both blond-haired and blue-eyed) and adorable still-needs-to-learn-the-meaning-of-NO toddler daughter on their spacious corn-field-and-cow-pasture-front property in Kansas. Librarian by day and author by night, she is also published in YA and contemporary mainstream romance under a different pen name.

Thank you so much for being with us today, Miranda! I know you've been published often, tell me, do you stick to one genre or write across several lines?
I stick with one genre—erotic romance—but I cross a couple sub-genres such as contemporary ménage and multicultural, as well as paranormal and suspense. Plus, I’m fiddling around with a fantasy, but we’ll have to wait to see how that goes. 

Ooo...I'm about to embark into the fantasy genre, myself.  So, what's the most important lesson you learned in your path to publication?
Never ever give up.

No matter what, I agree. What are you working on now?
Ooh, dangerous question.  Let’s see.  I have two series in which I’ve sold the first few stories. I’m working on book three of my paranormal shapeshifter series: The Half-breed Shifters. And I’m alternating between book two and three of my suspense series: The Snatcher Series. Then, there’s that fantasy book idea I keep going back to, for some reason.

With so many irons in the fire, after finishing a manuscript, do you take some time off or dive right in to the next story?
Since I usually work on three to eight stories at a time, I guess I’ll go with option two: I dive right off into the next.

And in your down time? Do you have a favorite author you like to read?
I’ve become obsessed with Eve Langlais stories. Once I get through all those, who knows what author I’ll attack next. Feel free to become my GoodReads buddy so we can exchange book recommendations! 

LOL! I'll definitely do that. Sounds like you've got a lot of good recommendations. So tell us who is the one person that most influenced your life?
My mom and one of my sisters…wait, did you say it could only be one person?

Oh, you sound just like me! What about your husband? Does he read your work? And if so, what's his reaction?
If I want my hubby to read a scene, I have to read to him after much pleading.  They’re usually kinky scenes, so I won’t tell you his reaction…hmm, lawdy-da, nothing to see here!

HA! You're too funny! Now for some fun stuff. What's your favorite cocktail?
Amaretto Sour.

Mmm...yummy. Any pets? 
Do sixteen-month-old daughters count?  Seriously, she piddles on the rugs, chews on shoes, eats crumbs off the floor and loves to whine at my legs.  Love her to death, though.

LOL! It's funny how similar small children are to pets, isn't it! Thank you so much for being my guest, Miranda! Here's where you can find her on the web:

And NOW for the good stuff! Read on for the blurb and excerpt from Miranda's latest release, Caught in Heat, from Cobblestone Press!

Buy Link:
 Fearful of how she’ll react during her first mating heat, Riley Bane flees toward a sanctuary, hoping to arrive before her fever hits. But she’s caught in an animal trap set by hunter Shaw Griffin, and her fever begins, consuming her with lust. Determined to wipe out the entire shape shifting race after a wolf pack murdered his family, Shaw snares his first shifter, only to capture Riley begging him to fulfill every wicked desire pounding through her. As things turn hot and heavy, the scent of their mating attracts nearby shifters and soon brings Shaw’s monstrous past to their doorstep. 

Here's the excerpt, and hang onto your hats, cause it's a good one!

Sex, sex, sex, her hormones chanted. She needed sex so bad.

A warm, dry hand touched her brow as if checking for a temperature. Her eyes shot open as he hissed at the warmth emanating off her skin.

“You’re burning up.” Worry crinkled the skin around his eyes. He pressed his palm to the side of her cheek, only to find more heat. His mouth flattened. “Where does it hurt?” All anger was gone from his voice; he sounded nothing but concerned.

She licked her dry lips. “Everywhere,” she rasped.

His fingers felt good. Each place a digit stroked, her body scorched and burned for more. She wanted him to move his hands, caress her neck and glide down her shoulders. Over her breasts. Her nipples.

A hoarse groan left her mouth.

“You’re not suffering from the trap wound alone,” he surmised, his gaze flitting down her body in search of some visual wound.

She shook her head and squeezed her eyes closed again. “No.”

“Then what’s wrong?” A gentle command.

She didn’t want to tell him, but she couldn’t hide it. She needed relief soon or she’d go insane, maybe even die. She needed him. Now.

The words left her lips in a hoarse claim. “I’m in heat.”

If you want to read more go HERE for the prologue and first chapter:

And get this! You can watch the VIDEO:

I'm watching right NOW!


Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hello gals!

Enjoyed the post!
Stopping in before I head out to the day job. Yuck! I'd rather be reading blogs and writing. lol

Miranda--I love the video. The music is perfect, too. Paranormal tales are my favorite. :)

I wish you the very best!!

Emma Lai said...

Attempt two...

Miranda, your books sound divine. Sent you a Goodreads request.

(My husband looks at me cross-eyed whenever I say our 20 1/2 month old son is like a puppy. Of course, he sometimes calls our son by the dog's name, so maybe he's just feeling guilty...)

Mary Ricksen said...

I love the trailer it's wonderful. Great blog ladies and the excerpt well, I'm hooked!!

Lynn Chantale said...

Hot, hot, hot excerpt. Great interview! Congrats. I love the analogy between pets and small children. Too hilarious.

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Great interview. I can't imagine working on so many stories at one time. You must be a master at multi-tasking! ;)

Miranda Stowe said...

Hey, Karen! Thanks for stopping by. Paranormals are so fun.

Thanks for friending me, Emma! Have fun with your puppy.

Mary, so glad you liked the teasers. You too wlynchantale!

Marie, thanks for stopping by. I don't feel like I'm a master at much of anything.

Anonymous said...

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