Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tattered Pages Welcomes Author Barbara Edwards

Hi, Barbara! Thank you so much for visiting Tattered Pages today. But before we begin, first things first. Tell us about your June Contest!

That's fantastic. Make sure to comment so YOUR name is entered into the contest!

So Barbara, tell us how your writing career began.
I don’t think I made a conscious decision to be a writer. The knowledge I want to write grew slowly. I wrote poetry for years and never let anyone read it. When I decided to write a story, it became longer and longer, finally book length. I joined Romance Writers of America and knew I could do it. It just took a few years longer than I expected.

Do you stick to one genre or write across lines?
My stories are all over the place. I have two historical romances on set in New York the other in Kansas. I have a romantic suspense set in Africa and most recently two paranormal romances set in New England. My imagination jumps and I follow.

Wow! That's awesome! What’s the most important lesson you learned in your path to publication?
I learned not everyone will love my stories. I got a tough rejection from Leslie Wainger at Harlequin. I didn’t have the guts to ask her about it at the next conference, but she did tell a group of us that everything is subjective. One editor may hate what another loves.

Of your published works, which story is your favorite and why?
My favorite is always the most recent. Not. My favorite is Annie’s Heart. I still dream about my hero and heroine and wander how they are. They had so many conflicts to overcome and the future was still before them.

Have you ever considered self-publication?
No. I need the editing process to help me clearly see the flaws in my work and to fix them.

What are you working on now?
The third book in the Rhodes End series tentatively titled Ancient Artifact. The hero is The Broker, a secondary character in both previous books. He confronts a resurrected evil.

After finishing a manuscript, do you take some time off or dive right in to the next story?
I wish I could stop. So many stories, so little time to write is my mantra. I have to put them on paper or they haunt me constantly.

What are you reading now?
Since I’m writing, I have an ‘to be read’ pile. It includes a couple Jayne Castle paranormals and a Linda Howard book.
Who is the one person that most influenced your life?
My father. He instilled a love of books in me. When we were children he would read a chapter a night to us from the classics. I heard Robinson Cruso, The Count of Monte Cristo, Tarzan, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and a dozen others. It was wonderful and I wanted to create those stories myself.

And now for some fun:
Does your husband/significant other read your work? What’s their reaction?
The one time I asked my husband to read a chapter to give me some advice, he fell asleep after two pages. Never again.

Jay Leno or Letterman?
Jay Leno is a favorite when I can’t sleep. He’s always good for a laugh.

Favorite cocktail?
Martini made with gin, very dry, with three olives.

What are your hobbies?
I am an avid Civil War re-enactor. We portray the Southern side with the 12th Georgia and The 3rd Florida. Both are great units with die-hard soldiers.

Any pets?
My Belgian Shepherd is the best dog in the world. She’s smart, protective and good company. She also takes me for walks so I don’t get fat and lazy.

Ancient Blood, a paranormal romance by Barbara, is available NOW from The Wild Rose Press!

Lily Alban escapes a murderous stalker, but his vicious attack leaves her with the ability to see auras. She finds safety in the tiny hamlet of Rhodes End where a stranger stands out like a red light. Try as she might to deny her growing desire for Cole, she seeks his help but soon discovers the man she loves is not a man at all.
Werewolf Cole Benedict resists his attraction to Lily. A botanist researching the healing herbs to find a cure for Lycanthropy, he’s determined to protect Lily from her stalker as well as himself even in human form, but instinct takes over when he changes to his inner beast.
Together they must use their extraordinary gifts to catch Lily’s stalker before he attacks again, but revealing their secrets to one another could destroy their growing love or save them both.
 “What makes you so important? Or is this another secret?”
Cole’s eyes darkened. “Lily. I’m pushing the line with you. Give me some slack.”
“I want answers, Cole.” She grabbed his arm as he turned and pulled him to a halt.
He gently, carefully drew her fierce grip into his grasp. His golden eyes heated as he lifted her hand to his lips. “I already told you, Lily. You’d have to mate with me to learn all my secrets.”
Urgent need raced from his lips to her center. His scorching gaze melted her from the inside out. All her being longed to step into his arms, to become one in a way she’d never known. She trembled as she recognized the danger.
Barbara's Blog Tour Schedule for the June Contest:
June 21, at AJ’s Tattered Pages
June 23, AJ Nuest is my guest at http://barbaraedwardscomments.wordpress.com/
June 25 at The Black Rose blog http://twrpblackrose.blogspot.com/

Here's where you can find Barbara on the web: 
I’m giving away an e-book copy of Ancient Blood on June 30 to celebrate. It is available at the Wild Rose Press.  Just go to one of my June blog appearances and leave a comment where I’m appearing from June 1- June 30, 2011 or at my blog.  Enter often by leaving a comment. The winner will be randomly drawn on June 30, 2011 at midnight.


Barbara Edwards said...

Hello, AJ and thank you for hosting me today.

Liz said...

Hi Barbara! Ancient Blood sounds fantastic! I love well-written dialog. You have a great story in your writing journey. keep up the good work.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Interesting post. Intriguing storyline. Wishing you much success in book sales. I, too, start another story as soon as one is finished. Guess I want to get as much into the computer before my mind gets so addled I can't come up with any more stories. I should have started this process sooner.

Lynn Chantale said...

Hello AJ. Hello Barbara. I'm adding Ancient Blood to my TBR pile. Congratulations!

AJ Nuest said...

Hey Everybody! Whew! Sorry I'm so late to the party. Busy, busy day here! Thank you so much for visiting with me today Barbara! I CAN'T WAIT to read Ancient Blood. This one is definitely on my TBR list. It sounds FABU!

Barbara Edwards said...

Thank you all for leaving comments. All your names are in the basket for the drawing!

susan said...

This book sounds great and hope I can still be entered in the drawing. I enjoyed your article here and happy to have gotten to know you more. susan Leech

Anonymous said...

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