Friday, March 11, 2016

Finding Sarah with Wendy Lou Jones!!!

 It must have been Fate calling her to Nutt Hill...

Sarah is starting over. With her children now grown and an empty marriage bed, she picks herself up and moves to the village of Lower Nutton. But a wager turns her head and a kiss in a storm wakens feelings long ago forgotten and the game is on to find out who the man could be.

Nick has found control, hiding from life in a sleepy rural village, until Sarah arrives on the scene and his sterile cocoon begins to shatter. She is the flotsam of a broken marriage; he is a man of the cloth and in a small rural village, nothing stays private for long...

Walking the tightrope:  Finding Sarah was the result of a mind on the hunt for a story.

When I attended a ploughing match, years ago, I noticed a handsome chap dressed differently from the rest and then a minute later, around the corner walked our local vicar and his wife… Oh, I thought, what if…?

This novel isn’t intentionally religious, although it does revolve around a vicar. It broaches far less than The Thorn Birds, the go to love story of this type. I was also aware, when editing this novel, that I was keen not to offend or put anyone off reading it, but that said, I also didn’t want to make it beige either. There was much to consider. What I hope is that I have written a story about the people and not their purpose, and how their pasts have affected their future.

I do have to confess, I caused a stir on the playground when I stood chatting with the vicar to get a bit of background. In fact my Facebook page was buzzing that evening. The drama of the romance author daring to speak to the vicar! The man himself was kind enough to answer all my questions. He even said (later, in an email) that he was looking forward to reading the book when it was out!

“You do realise this is a romance?” I said, my brow creasing.
Yes, he knew.                                           
Whispers: “Nobody tell him!”
Happy reading.

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Wendy Lou Jones was born in West Sussex, England, where she enjoyed a happy childhood filled with guinea pigs and fun. Later, she moved to Birmingham to study Medicine at University and was lucky enough to meet her husband. They now live in a little village in Herefordshire with their two grubby boys and some fish.

She discovered her love of writing not long after her youngest son started school. And if you were to ask her what it was that made her make the switch, she’d tell you quite simply that it started with a dream.