Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ana Fawkes and Almost Taken!

From the bestselling author of By His Command comes a romance series that explores life, love, marriage, and death.

Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby

Jared Crowly was supposed to sell the apartment to the rich, powerful Harry Pitt and his beautiful girlfriend, Becky... not fall in love with Becky.

When Harry shows up to the apartment again, this time with a different woman donning an engagement ring, Jared is thrown into a world of deceit, and Harry threatens to tarnish Jared's successful career. Jared battles his emotions on what to do next, which only gets more complicated when he's invited to be in the wedding party of a close friend whose fiancee has asked Becky to be a bridesmaid.

Secrets will be bared and hearts will be broken, but can a new love overcome it all?

~ * ~

When I decided to jump back into contemporary romance I wanted to come to the market with something fun, fresh, and something sexy. Coming from the world of erotic romance and billionaires left me wanting to try something different. And that’s where Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby came from.
First, I had the series title.

I laughed when I thought of it.

I laughed when I said it.

My friends laughed too.

It was perfect.

The series title says it all, doesn’t it? It gives the appeal of fun and flirty.

All I needed from there was a great story for the first book – Almost Taken – and a really hot guy to steal the book--which you’ll get to meet when you read the book! Trust me, you don’t want to miss Jared. Successful, hot, and passionate… he’s perfect.

A lot of readers have been asking me about romance and erotic romance. There is no clear cut winner and there is no clear cut path for me. I personally love both. When I wrote the By His Command series, it was so intoxicating to dive deep into the world of a dominating billionaire. And it was heart wrenching at points writing Almost Taken, watching the connection between Jared and Becky growing page by page. Even as the writer I was screaming for them to just jump into bed and get things moving, but that wasn’t their reality. Which is what made the book so fun to write.

But trust me, I’ll be writing plenty of both genres! I love romance and I LOVE erotic romance. And, thanks to the faithful readers who have followed me from the moment Jonathan Black met Isabella Grace in By His Command #1, I’m able to keep writing, keep exploring love, lust, passion, greed, and sex.

And that’s probably the best feeling – and job – in the world!

Almost Taken (Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby #1) is available now at AMAZON and BARNESANDNOBLE (<-- CLICK THE LINKS)
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Jack and Riley really aren't engaged... or so Jack thinks. When Riley's competitive family puts her on the spot about the 'wedding', she begs Jack to help her. But what starts as a pretend fling soon becomes real. When hands touch, eyes meet, and hearts melt, anything can happen... even making fantasy a reality...

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