Friday, February 8, 2013

Careful...this one's a little steamy...

Hang onto your hats, ladies, it's a face-melter!
I just received the cover for my new contemporary romance
She's Got Dibs
scheduled to be released soon from

That's right...go ahead and enjoy the view.
And the guy's not bad either.
It was designed by the beautiful, brilliant and abundantly talented
Thank you, sweet pea! XOXO
As soon as the release date is scheduled, I'll be posting around the globe!


Arial Burnz said...

*Blush* GAWD I love the way you dote over me!! LOL! I'm so glad you love the cover, hun! It would be really bad if you hated it. Hee hee! Congratulations on the new release. i can't wait to read it...since you haven't let me TOUCH it so far! ;)

AJ Nuest said...

You DESERVE it! I love it and I love you! It's an all around love fest! Thank you!!! Wish you could be here to drink a glass of wine with me!!

Paige Thomas said...

Congratulations to you both! Gorgeous cover, Arial. Smoking hot! And I'm soooo dying to read this AJ. I just know it will be superb.

P.S. You got the red fingernails! I so wanted them.

AJ Nuest said...

LOL That's allllll Arial. Thank God! LOL Gotta have those red nails!!

Arial Burnz said...

Yahoo!! You guys are going to love this story. I've only read the first few chapters and then she yanked it from me!! ARGGG! I can't wait to finish it. Witty, adorable, fun, SEXY! Great inspiration for the cover. ;)

AJ Nuest said...

You are seriously too nice to me. Just too nice. As soon as I get a copy...I'll give you one. XO

Sara Walter Ellwood said...

Great cover!!! Congratulations!