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It's my extreme pleasure to welcome Amie Louellen to Tattered Pages for our continuing Scorcher Blog Tour...
Intimacy and Other Things, Part III
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Now, where were we…?
For most couples, these 12 steps take time. Our heroine may see the hero, but he doesn’t notice her for months.  Or maybe he doesn’t *let* her know that he noticed her until months later. They talk, go on dates, watch movies, eat dinner. That sort of thing.
But not Brodie and Savanna. Nope. They end up married, jumping from step 1—seeing each other—to step 12—consummation—in a matter of hours.
Shouldn’t be a problem, they went through all 12 steps at some point or another in the night. But the problems come with trust.  They don’t even know the other’s name!
Here’s a little excerpt for example—
His head was pounding, pounding, pounding.  If he never had another drink, it would be too soon.  Which was probably the most beneficial side-effect of a hangover.  Not that he drank often, just an occasional beer on the infrequent night out with the boys.  But he really needed to steer clear of the tequila if he was going to pick up blond-haired she-cats.  Hell, he couldn’t even remember her name.  She may have purred last night, but in the light of day she was all hiss and claws.
Names are easy enough to exchange. But trust is another issue entirely. But you’ll have to continue on to find out why…
Amie Louellen is the author of Brodie's Bride


AJ Nuest said...

Hey, Amie! Thanks so much for being my guest during the Scorcher Tour! I love the teaser you left us for Brodie's Bride -- and for everyone else, I can tell you this story is AWESOME! All those 5 Star reviews are RIGHT!

Amy said...

AJ, my champion! Thanks for having me. It's been great fun!!

msmjb65 said...

A name? What's in a name? Waaaay back in my mispent youth, er, I might have spent some intimate moments/hours with a sexy stranger and the next day, hanging out with my girlfriends discussing the night before and me asking..."what was that guys name? No, really, what was his name?"

msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Beth Trissel said...

Another fun post in the tour! I enjoyed this stages of intimacy post. Love the excerpt and the story premise.

Lynn Chantale said...

Stopping by to say hi. Great post.

Ashley Applebee said...

"blond-haired she-cats" I love it!! I personally dont drink tequila because it makes me have some anger issues lol
Great post!
Ashley A

Amy said...

Thanks ladies for stopping in. But I just have to say...

Mara, you are baaaaaad *wink*